Timo Buczka audiodesign – online portfoliotb@tb-audiodesign.de


Timo Buczka, B.A.


Freelance Professional

since 2010

  • Music production and audio design for Clients like Porsche; Bassier, Bergmann & Kindler; ZYX Records; Cultural Institute of Paderborn
  • Band recordings; Radio commercials


Intern at Lava Music Studios, Paderborn

Aug 09 – Apr 10

  • Music Production (Composing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering),
  • Audio Design – conception and production
  • Radio commercials
  • Audio Books
  • Consulting
  • Account Management


Student employee at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of Music and Music Education at the University of Paderborn

Aug 08 – Apr 11

As Tutor for digital audio production I taught students Cubase, Logic and Ableton LIVE as well as software instruments and signal processors. In addition to this I was supervising students’ audio projects and recording sessions.